Teaching is one of the main tasks of University. In outcome-based teaching and learning, the concern is not so much a matter of what topics to teach, but what outcomes students are supposed to have achieved after having been taught. In good teaching the theory part and illustrative examples follow closely each other. For example several learning activities including many practical examples, laboratory rounds to show how e.g. some reactions are usually carried out (inert conditions, automatic synthesizers etc.). Students should also realize the topicality of the teaching; i.e. what we are doing in the laboratory and how we do it. 

Please find below the current courses of Organic Chemistry at University of Turku recommended for our students. The B.Sc courses are held in Finnish such as some of the M.Sc courses. There is also increasing amount of courses in English.

B.Sc courses

KEMI6116 Kemiallinen biologia 4 op

M.Sc. courses

KEMI6405 Organic Synthesis 4 op