Dissertations and Master’s theses

Latest doctoral dissertations


Jadhav, Satish – Covalent Conjugates of Therapeutic Oligonucleotides for In Vivo Targeting – Read online: http://www.urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-951-29-6574-8

Golubev, OlegRecognition of Nucleic Acids by Metal Ion Complexes – Read online: http://www.urn.fi/URN:ISBN%20978-951-29-6431-4

Lain, LuigiThe Role of Amine Phosphate Interactions in the Cleavage and Isomerization of RNA Phosphodiester Linkages 


Taherpour, Sharmin – Metal-ion-binding oligonucleotides: High-affinity Probes for Nucleic Acid Sequences – Read online: http://www.urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-951-29-6253-2

Leisvuori, Anna Prodrug Strategies of Antiviral Nucleotides: Studies on Enzymatically and Thermally Removable Phosphate Protecting Groups

Gimenez Molina, Alejandro Synthesis of Short Oligonucleotides on a Soluble Support by the Phosphoramidite Method – Read online: http://www.urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-951-29-6197-9

Kiuru, Emilia Nucleotides as Antiviral Compounds: on the Feasibility of an Esterase-dependent Prodrug Startegy for 2-5A


Latest Master’s theses


Rimpilä, Kiira – Biokohdentamiseen soveltuvien oligonukleotidikonjugaattien valmistus