In vivo -targeting of therapeutic oligonucleotides

The goal is to provide targeted delivery of therapeutic oligonucleotides toward certain organs or cell types. One option is covalent conjugation of oligonucleotides with appropriate cell-targeting ligands. For this purpose various biologically active carbohydrates (e.g. hyaluronic acids, chondroitin sulphates, bleomycin disaccharide) and carbohydrate clusters are evaluated. The time-dependent biodistribution of the conjugates are studied in detail by in vivo PET-imaging in collaboration with Turku PET Centre.

In the ongoing project, the second generation delivery systems for oligonucleotides, based on the potential of self-assembled oligonucleotide-based nano constructs, are studied. It has clearly been demonstrated that self-assembled DNA-based nanoparticles with a well-defined size may improve cellular targeting and intracellular delivery of oligonucleotides. In addition to these beneficial delivery properties, the programmability of the structures seems highly attractive for the ligand-induced targeting. The size and the spatial orientation of the tertiary structure may be controlled precisely, which may be applied for the sugar-receptor mapping on the cell surface. The delivery potential of oligonucleotide-based nano constructs and of the ligand-induced targeting are hence be combined.

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